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Capitol Piazza had been recently renovated but it was only until when I needed to have my laptop serviced in Asus did I come across this place. I was quite surprised to see that the interior was very inviting, simply elegant, not the crowded place to dine in at (which is really a plus factor for me, I hate huge crowds), very spacious and bright. It was a relaxing ambiance to have a leisurely stroll at. Right when I got in, I was feeling hungry since it was almost lunch time but I would not want to eat the usual hawker food, food court and the likes and I opted for something I haven’t tried before. I spotted this Tiffany themed cafe and did not think twice to give it a try.

I sat myself in on one of the cozy corners where beside me were also girls that couldn’t wait to order and try the food, I guess most of the people dining it at this time were ladies! haha.

I think I anticipated it, given the venue and the location, that of course, cafes like this are normally expensive, but hey for the sake of trying, I do not mind paying for it plus the fact that it’s food I am paying for, so might as well try than get curious.

I honestly do not know what to order since at that time my palate had no craving for anything, which was out of the ordinary, so I just went with poached eggs on brioche with cream spinach and parma ham finished with hollandaise and micro herbs.

Poached Eggs on Brioche with Side Salad SGD 22.90
As for the drinks I went for the Fresh Kiwi Juice which costed me SGD 7.00. Hmmm honestly, it was very average and I do not get why this meal would cost me that price. Since I can order the same brunch meal on other equally decent place at a lower cost. Well yes, I guess it would still boil down to the place.

I don’t think I will visit this place again, one of those cafes that one is enough and that’s it.

Dazzling Cafe Drinks Menu

Dazzling Cafe Food Menu

Dazzling Cafe Food Menu
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