Dutch Colony at Frankel

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If you have been following my blog or if lucky me, you have browsed through the pages of this site, I think I have pretty much established myself as a person who find fascination in neighbourhood cafes. One cheap thrill that never fades to perk me up and at the same time relax me… imagine a hot latte on a bright, sunny afternoon.

Frankel, one of the posh estates in Singapore, a place that I get to love not because it is tad upscale but because I feel like I am not in Singapore when I am here for the reason that most of the houses are landed ones hence making me feel that I am just back in my country home, where HDBs and condos are not really the usual mode of residence.

I got to discover this place while I was on Uber car, the strip of cozy food place and cafes got me interested. I saw Dutch Colony and googled it straight away and most of the hits that I got mention that it’s one of those that serve  quality coffee.

I love the interior of this cafe.. casual, communal, very inviting, nothing much going on but a place to just sit down and sip a latte and converse with friends and families. On all the occassions that I went, it was normally crowded.

I tried their cappuccino and latte, I wanted to try their brewed coffee by steampunk apparently that time I visited, I think it wasn’t available or something like it was not working at the moment. For those two, the quality of the coffee is really there. I love their type of brew as it is very bold, not too acidic, chocolatey. This is the kind that I am in love with.

As for the food, they offer very limited ones. Only few pastries and cakes.

Sea Salt Caramel Cake SGD 7.50, Thai Milk Tea Loaf (forgot the price), Latte SGD 5.00, Cappuccino SGD 5.00

The sea salt caramel cake was quite nice, not too sweet and not too dry which is the exact opposite of the Thai Milk tea loaf. I do not recommend ordering this, it was really very dry, the quality is not there and I can’t really taste the thai milk tea that was supposed to be.

Spinach and Salmon Quiche SGD 7.00

The spinach and salmon quiche was just average likewise for the pain au chocolate. I think if I would have to recommend this place it would be their coffee and the place. Their iced variations were also good, below are Iced Mocha and Iced Latte. Accessibility wise though, I think would be best to drive here by car.

Pardon the dim shots. Pain Au Chocolate SGD 4.00, Iced Latte SGD 6.00 and Iced Mocha SGD 6.50

Price wise, I find the food a bit unjustified for the quality and taste. But the drinks are practical. Do I suggest going back here? Yes, but make sure you are full to just have drinks. 🙂

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