Rabbit Owl Depot

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After hours of reading at the National Library, I was feeling famished and did not want to eat at food court. I wanted to sit down laid back style sans the crowd. I was sauntering, out and about, and saw this unassuming cafe. From afar, it looks like a store of some sort but a tiny banner gave it away and I went it.

I find the interior very appealling. Not very lavish or complicated, but it is seriously cute! =)) The ordering station seems like it was taken out of a truck container with crates on it then a display of artisinal ice cream assortments! They seem to be famous for waffles, I wasn’t sure, but given the smell, it was just too inviting not to give in. I did.

I am not a dessert person and not really a sweet tooth, so I opted out of ice cream on top of waffles thingy and simply ordered the “Spectacular” which is a fluffy and crispy snowflake shaped waffle served with delicious spread of crunchy caramelized gingerbread. Same with waffles, not a fan of it, but this one was an exception. It was really good. I think I finished it in 10 minutes. (yes, right, remember I was famished?). It wasn’t too sweet and the waffle itself wasn’t too dry. Their coffee was equally nice too.

This place is not just cute and instagram worthy but it serves honestly good waffles. I can come back here again. 🙂

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