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There could be inevitable moments where your body just wants some pampering, to feel that pressure on some points badly needing attention. Working in front of the computer for an average of 9-11 hours a day, it could sometimes take its toll, and by that I mean the undeniable call of your body for something soothing.

Singapore’s spa and massage scene is utterly expensive. An hour of massage would cost you an average of 60 and that is only to those neighbourhood “under the HDBs” form of establishment. Looking for something different, thank you to Google, I managed to find a place where not only would you undress, lie down and get massaged, but you can also stay there for a good 24 hours! Yes, you heard it right. Not much establishments in Singapore are open late what more 24 hours, and this one also has unlimited food and drinks during your stay and free usage of its facilities.

Went off to the one in Guillemard, an unassuming establishment with a huge korean bbq place at the ground floor, where the lift also is situated. You had to take that to go to the 2nd floor where the spa is.

In contrast to the lift, which somehow looks daunting =)) the entrance boasts of a simple and elegant front.

After registering and choosing the desired service, got myself what they call “Gateway to Vitality” which is $155.00 for non-members. Yeah, there are moments like this when I dont care splurging for the sake of experience. =)) They would then hand you a bracelet that looks like a watch but is actually some sort of a magnetic key that you have to tap onto your assigned locker. Women and men’s rooms are of course separate.

In the locker, you will have your spa attire and slippers to go with. The locker room is well organized and clean with complimentary tooth brushes, hair combs, hair bands etc.

First order of business? Eat! =)) The dining area is like a tropical jungle theme, a bit dim, probably to give away that relaxing ambience. Men and women are dressed in the kimono like spa attire.

Heavy meals are of course only until around a certain time, 10pm if I remember it correctly, while the rest like dimsums are available round the clock. I got myself some hot soup which is Bah Kut Teh and some ham and cheese toasts, I think since the place is not really about food, of course expect that the food here are average.

They would call you out when the service can already be done, where they will lead you to the massage area.

To tell you, I dreaded the massage scene in Singapore. I had tried so many and I was consistently disappointed and regretted paying for the service right after. Have tried all those, in the hotels, malls and HDBs. But, this one turned it around. By far, the best masssage that I got in Singapore! After my honestly wonderful massage which my body was really thanking me for, we headed to this lounge area which is barely lit and has lazy boy seats with monitors attached to them and a number of movies and songs you can choose from. Pardon my blurry shot. The place is like a sleeping pod.

Relaxed for a good, more or less an hour and decided to hit the jacuzzi. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the area, not to mention the soothing sound of water.

Stayed and sweat for about 45 minutes and hit the showers. Complete with fresh towels, shampoo and soap and disposable undergarments. Oh yup, you can choose to get downright naked =)) or wear those disposable ones. I did the latter! Feeling so fresh, decided to hit the dining area once more where I brought my Surface Pro and blogged and ate again!

From among all the food, this unassuming one below is the one that I really liked. It tasted well.

Headed home I guess around 2am, it was utterly a pleasant experience. Although pricey as you may say, I think it was worth it. When you choose a service, using the facilities are free however, should you decide not to get any massage, they also offer $68 and you can stay for 24 hours and it already comes with the food. 🙂

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