Bukchon – Seoul Korea

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One of the sought after tourist spots in Seoul is the Bukchon Hanok Village which is a residential area that still has old, traditional korean houses preserved through time. Of course, you would notice that some has undergone facelifts or maintenance, but the essence, how these homes look like, still lives. From the train station, we thought it might take us only 10 minutes but it actually took us about 20-25 minutes of walking and some roads are even elevated. However, we saw shuttle buses passing by so probably you can get there aboard it but we said it might be worthwhile to walk.

We passed by cafes and quaint shops, the neighbourhood actually look homey, I am not sure if we were just lucky that time, but it wasn’t really that crowded.












There are several tourist trails or rather, observation spots scattered in Bukchon-ro. But I guess we managed to find the one where most tourists flock in. I find the houses beautiful, though you can only see the facades and the rooftops as they are still people’s residences. So we only had to make do with the visible portions of these houses to think they are enclosed with walls.






Lunch time, we decided to find a place that serves Korean food and that which we can rest ourselves first. We saw this traditional and cosy Korean restaurant and had our lunch there, the place is called Jokagbo.



We wanted the one where you have to sit on the floor, but the lady did not allow us and we were not sure why. Anyway, we ordered a meal set for two which if I remembered correctly costed us around KRW 47,000, roughly about USD 43.00 (I find this is usually the normal price range for local, korean food, a bit exy considering you are in Korea).


We love pork, so anything with it is such a treat for us. =)) However, the pork here was not as good as the one that we ate during our first night, which was in Myeongdong. I’ll dedicate a post specific to that soon. The set was also comprised of saba fish and of course, the inevitable platters of vegetables that always go with a korean meal. It was average though.

Going back to the station, we find bits and pieces of interesting things such as cafes and food.





Generally a good trip in this tourist spot, though I recommend that if one is not into walking, you can opt to take the shuttle bus that goes up and down Buckhon-ro. Also, we went on a weekday so probably why it was less crowded at that time.

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