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Unexpectedly Back

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You know those days when you are feeling nostalgic, of a place you fell in love with, of those younger days, full of innocence and vibrancy exploring a foreign place. I got that a couple of months back, dreamy about San Francisco. Back in 2008, I fell in love, of the cool crisp weather, the coastal side, its neatness compared to other US cities. And unexpectedly I am back. As I am writing this, I am on board a hop on hop off bus, under direct sunlight, on the roof top of this bus, in Sausalito. 🙂 

And while we are waiting for the trip back to the city, I decided to compose this, a simple ode to being grateful for moments like this. Oh you might ask why unexpected, it’s because I am here on an unplanned business trip to Las Vegas and they just told me about it a lil over a month ago. I’m actually glad I said yes. 

So yeah, just a couple of minutes of putting into writing the thankfulness I am having deep within. 

Watch out soon for this trip’s blog post. 🙂



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Thank you to my Almighty Father, that after days of being in pain, here I am once again, recovering and well. Thank you Lord, with all my heart!

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Arigato Gozaimasu!

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Back in Singapore! Back to regular programming. Gahhh, I’ve just landed few hours ago and I am already missing Japan. I miss everything about it and already, I am planning which prefecture I will visit there next.  I am thankful that God has made the trip safe for me, that I landed back here in whole piece – safe and sound, and that He allows me to travel and visit places anew. Indeed, it was a good 5 day trip to Tokyo and Fuji.

The giddy me while crossing the busiest pedestrian, Shibuya.

It feels a bit of a down side getting back here, knowing that work awaits and I am back to routine. But then, He gave me this opportunity to work here and be able to enjoy the other aspects of life because of that. Thus, I should be more thankful than feel low in spirits.

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