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There could be inevitable moments where your body just wants some pampering, to feel that pressure on some points badly needing attention. Working in front of the computer for an average of 9-11 hours a day, it could sometimes take its toll, and by that I mean the undeniable call of your body for something soothing.

Singapore’s spa and massage scene is utterly expensive. An hour of massage would cost you an average of 60 and that is only to those neighbourhood “under the HDBs” form of establishment. Looking for something different, thank you to Google, I managed to find a place where not only would you undress, lie down and get massaged, but you can also stay there for a good 24 hours! Yes, you heard it right. Not much establishments in Singapore are open late what more 24 hours, and this one also has unlimited food and drinks during your stay and free usage of its facilities.

Went off to the one in Guillemard, an unassuming establishment with a huge korean bbq place at the ground floor, where the lift also is situated. You had to take that to go to the 2nd floor where the spa is.

In contrast to the lift, which somehow looks daunting =)) the entrance boasts of a simple and elegant front.

After registering and choosing the desired service, got myself what they call “Gateway to Vitality” which is $155.00 for non-members. Yeah, there are moments like this when I dont care splurging for the sake of experience. =)) They would then hand you a bracelet that looks like a watch but is actually some sort of a magnetic key that you have to tap onto your assigned locker. Women and men’s rooms are of course separate.

In the locker, you will have your spa attire and slippers to go with. The locker room is well organized and clean with complimentary tooth brushes, hair combs, hair bands etc.

First order of business? Eat! =)) The dining area is like a tropical jungle theme, a bit dim, probably to give away that relaxing ambience. Men and women are dressed in the kimono like spa attire.

Heavy meals are of course only until around a certain time, 10pm if I remember it correctly, while the rest like dimsums are available round the clock. I got myself some hot soup which is Bah Kut Teh and some ham and cheese toasts, I think since the place is not really about food, of course expect that the food here are average.

They would call you out when the service can already be done, where they will lead you to the massage area.

To tell you, I dreaded the massage scene in Singapore. I had tried so many and I was consistently disappointed and regretted paying for the service right after. Have tried all those, in the hotels, malls and HDBs. But, this one turned it around. By far, the best masssage that I got in Singapore! After my honestly wonderful massage which my body was really thanking me for, we headed to this lounge area which is barely lit and has lazy boy seats with monitors attached to them and a number of movies and songs you can choose from. Pardon my blurry shot. The place is like a sleeping pod.

Relaxed for a good, more or less an hour and decided to hit the jacuzzi. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the area, not to mention the soothing sound of water.

Stayed and sweat for about 45 minutes and hit the showers. Complete with fresh towels, shampoo and soap and disposable undergarments. Oh yup, you can choose to get downright naked =)) or wear those disposable ones. I did the latter! Feeling so fresh, decided to hit the dining area once more where I brought my Surface Pro and blogged and ate again!

From among all the food, this unassuming one below is the one that I really liked. It tasted well.

Headed home I guess around 2am, it was utterly a pleasant experience. Although pricey as you may say, I think it was worth it. When you choose a service, using the facilities are free however, should you decide not to get any massage, they also offer $68 and you can stay for 24 hours and it already comes with the food. 🙂

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Rabbit Owl Depot

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After hours of reading at the National Library, I was feeling famished and did not want to eat at food court. I wanted to sit down laid back style sans the crowd. I was sauntering, out and about, and saw this unassuming cafe. From afar, it looks like a store of some sort but a tiny banner gave it away and I went it.

I find the interior very appealling. Not very lavish or complicated, but it is seriously cute! =)) The ordering station seems like it was taken out of a truck container with crates on it then a display of artisinal ice cream assortments! They seem to be famous for waffles, I wasn’t sure, but given the smell, it was just too inviting not to give in. I did.

I am not a dessert person and not really a sweet tooth, so I opted out of ice cream on top of waffles thingy and simply ordered the “Spectacular” which is a fluffy and crispy snowflake shaped waffle served with delicious spread of crunchy caramelized gingerbread. Same with waffles, not a fan of it, but this one was an exception. It was really good. I think I finished it in 10 minutes. (yes, right, remember I was famished?). It wasn’t too sweet and the waffle itself wasn’t too dry. Their coffee was equally nice too.

This place is not just cute and instagram worthy but it serves honestly good waffles. I can come back here again. 🙂

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Dutch Colony at Frankel

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If you have been following my blog or if lucky me, you have browsed through the pages of this site, I think I have pretty much established myself as a person who find fascination in neighbourhood cafes. One cheap thrill that never fades to perk me up and at the same time relax me… imagine a hot latte on a bright, sunny afternoon.

Frankel, one of the posh estates in Singapore, a place that I get to love not because it is tad upscale but because I feel like I am not in Singapore when I am here for the reason that most of the houses are landed ones hence making me feel that I am just back in my country home, where HDBs and condos are not really the usual mode of residence.

I got to discover this place while I was on Uber car, the strip of cozy food place and cafes got me interested. I saw Dutch Colony and googled it straight away and most of the hits that I got mention that it’s one of those that serve  quality coffee.

I love the interior of this cafe.. casual, communal, very inviting, nothing much going on but a place to just sit down and sip a latte and converse with friends and families. On all the occassions that I went, it was normally crowded.

I tried their cappuccino and latte, I wanted to try their brewed coffee by steampunk apparently that time I visited, I think it wasn’t available or something like it was not working at the moment. For those two, the quality of the coffee is really there. I love their type of brew as it is very bold, not too acidic, chocolatey. This is the kind that I am in love with.

As for the food, they offer very limited ones. Only few pastries and cakes.

Sea Salt Caramel Cake SGD 7.50, Thai Milk Tea Loaf (forgot the price), Latte SGD 5.00, Cappuccino SGD 5.00

The sea salt caramel cake was quite nice, not too sweet and not too dry which is the exact opposite of the Thai Milk tea loaf. I do not recommend ordering this, it was really very dry, the quality is not there and I can’t really taste the thai milk tea that was supposed to be.

Spinach and Salmon Quiche SGD 7.00

The spinach and salmon quiche was just average likewise for the pain au chocolate. I think if I would have to recommend this place it would be their coffee and the place. Their iced variations were also good, below are Iced Mocha and Iced Latte. Accessibility wise though, I think would be best to drive here by car.

Pardon the dim shots. Pain Au Chocolate SGD 4.00, Iced Latte SGD 6.00 and Iced Mocha SGD 6.50

Price wise, I find the food a bit unjustified for the quality and taste. But the drinks are practical. Do I suggest going back here? Yes, but make sure you are full to just have drinks. 🙂

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Capitol Piazza becomes one of my favorite afternoon hangout spots for coffee and light snacks. I find that I am usually there on bright, sunny afternoons prior to doing some personal errands. Another cafe that tickled my interest was Angelina which was straight from Paris and actually has no other branches than Singapore and Paris itself.

Since it was light bite that I was looking for, I decided to try their Croque Monsieur, pommes frites, mesclun de saison which I guess translates to a ham and cheese grilled sandwich with french fries and some side salad? =))

Croque Monsieur SGD 21.00

I initially doubted it while I was ordering because it might just be an average toast that somehow there could be a probability that toast from Toastbox would be better, but alas! When I took a bite, I find it really good. It was a sandwich that was made with quality ingredients and not those typical ones.

For the drinks I got myself their old fashioned iced chocolate, which the lady said to be their best seller and one of their nicest drink selection. So I gave in.

L’Africain SGD 13.00

This one is a honest to goodness iced chocolate. The slight touch to the tongue would tell you that they are using premium, quality chocolate here. I liked it.

Although pricey really, I think I can go back here again should some friends or family invite. But of course, visiting this might be on a once in a bluemoon sort of thing. SGD 40.00 (gst & taxes included) for the entire afternoon snack is of course exy unless you just wanted to give it a try.

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Dazzling Cafe

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Capitol Piazza had been recently renovated but it was only until when I needed to have my laptop serviced in Asus did I come across this place. I was quite surprised to see that the interior was very inviting, simply elegant, not the crowded place to dine in at (which is really a plus factor for me, I hate huge crowds), very spacious and bright. It was a relaxing ambiance to have a leisurely stroll at. Right when I got in, I was feeling hungry since it was almost lunch time but I would not want to eat the usual hawker food, food court and the likes and I opted for something I haven’t tried before. I spotted this Tiffany themed cafe and did not think twice to give it a try.

I sat myself in on one of the cozy corners where beside me were also girls that couldn’t wait to order and try the food, I guess most of the people dining it at this time were ladies! haha.

I think I anticipated it, given the venue and the location, that of course, cafes like this are normally expensive, but hey for the sake of trying, I do not mind paying for it plus the fact that it’s food I am paying for, so might as well try than get curious.

I honestly do not know what to order since at that time my palate had no craving for anything, which was out of the ordinary, so I just went with poached eggs on brioche with cream spinach and parma ham finished with hollandaise and micro herbs.

Poached Eggs on Brioche with Side Salad SGD 22.90
As for the drinks I went for the Fresh Kiwi Juice which costed me SGD 7.00. Hmmm honestly, it was very average and I do not get why this meal would cost me that price. Since I can order the same brunch meal on other equally decent place at a lower cost. Well yes, I guess it would still boil down to the place.

I don’t think I will visit this place again, one of those cafes that one is enough and that’s it.

Dazzling Cafe Drinks Menu

Dazzling Cafe Food Menu

Dazzling Cafe Food Menu
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Benjamin Browns Bistro and Bakery

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We initially planned to dine in at Jamie Oliver’s but having spotted it crowded and with the usual queue outside, we decided to look further in at The Orchard Forum. I have been in Singapore for almost six years now and this was the first time I ever set foot on this enclave. lol.

I was quite surprised that there seem to be a lot of good food options inside, but we were looking for some good coffee and snacks, not really on the heavy side. Lucky enough, we spotted this quaint nook which seemed enticing.

The thing with cafes now, interior and style are indeed the top elements. Most crowd go for the instagram worthy cafe and food. Benjamin Browns would definitely pass those qualifications.

I love fusion food and really find enjoyment in it. BB did not fail me.

Rendang Fries

This fusion of a french fries! Beef Rendang fries which is crispy sliced potatoes with gooey and tasty rendang gravy that go with the generous serving of minced beef, melted cheese and topped off with a dollop of sour cream. I can just indulge on it, it was really good but of course heavy. I would recommend it for three pax.

Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken

I am such a huge fan of anything salted egg and thus this one too sure wins my palate. There was just the right amount of saltiness to it, nothing really overpowering with pieces of bread that go with it. Yet another good nibbles.

Beef Quesadilla

Equally tasty order that night was the Quesadillas with beef, homemade salsa, mozzarella and sour cream. In addition to all these mouth watering snacks, they also serve “over the top” shakes, and by over the top I literally, really mean it. So much so that it is overflowing… =))

Coffee Avocado
Coffee Avocado
Thai Milk Tea

Told ya! They are a bunch of overflowing mug of goodness which make for a sweet tooth, milkshake loving, dessert connoisseur’s guaranteed selection. We were definitely mesmerized by the presentation and couldn’t wait until all our meals were over until we could give it a try. I ordered the Thai Milk Tea shake which was good although of course nothing really outstanding than your usual thai milk tea, they just made it in ice blended form. As for the coffee avocado, indeed a chef’s recommendation and I would second that as the balance of it was really satisfying. The coffee taste is not too overpowering, it was really a good ending to this fusion fare.

Would I recommend this bistro and bakery? Oh definitely. And I wouldn’t mind coming back again to it when I get to be in the infamous Orchard.

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The South Union Park

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Neighborhood coffee nooks and food joints are one of my simple fascinations and life enjoyments. I find pleasure in spotting laid back coffee houses and eateries, what more if they offer really good food. In one of our walks within the neighborhood, we usually pass by this place which we initially thought, for some reason, was a design firm as it is unassuming and from afar, you can’t tell that it’s actually a food place. On one usual day of fiddling my phone for some nearby dining spots, I came across South Union Park and was surprised that it is one of those places we didn’t give attention to due to our first impression of it.

This post would consist of my two visits. We came in one afternoon and at night time for some coffee.

It is of minimalist interior with wooden chairs and tables and concrete, an open kitchen setup, very spacious and during the afternoon, give way to a lot of natural light.

The lady offered us to try the fresh oysters which were just imported that early in the day and it is not normally part of their menu.

Fresh Oysters SGD 17.00

I must say that these were really fresh, succulent and mouth watering. We drizzled it with lemon and for myself, added a bit of tabasco sauce. Oh my, it was really pleasant. They served it on a bed of salt.

South Australian Mussels in Chorizo Broth SGD 18.00
South Australian Mussels in Chorizo Broth SGD 18.00


Another dish that I got in love with is the mussels in chorizo, it also comes with freshly baked brioche. Despite the dish being inclusive of shellfish and chorizo, the broth wasn’t salty at all but was very flavorful. Dipping the brioche in there makes it a much more enjoyable meal – I.REALLY.LOVE.IT. We paired it up with wine. It was superb.

Fried Chicken with Cornbread and Honey Butter SGD 11.00

The fried chicken was very crispy and tasty. I love that they paired it up with bread and the interesting mix of honey and butter. If you are looking for an appetizer, I recommend this.

Brownie with Ice Cream SGD 9.00

We also managed to try their desserts. One being the conventional brownie with vanilla ice cream though they sprinkled it with candied walnuts, butterscotch and salted caramel. This one though was average, nothing really outstanding about it.

Latte SGD 4.50

The coffee is of quality, something that I can order again the next time I wanted to just have a laid back afternoon with a book.

Passionfruit Souffle SGD 13.00 / Poutine SGD 12.00

Of the entire spread, this was the downer. I really didn’t like that it was too sour plus the texture it leaves on the teeth when eating it. Something that I for sure will pass up and do not recommend. Plus, it will take 20 minutes for it to be served, good thing about that though is that you are assured it’s oven fresh. Poutine which is the shoestring fries with duck gravy and cheese could pass for a good appetizer that is for sharing.

Tiramisu in a jar (price forgotten)

Of all the desserts, I would come back and order the Tiramisu with Pistachios on top. It was a satisfying conclusion to this food fare.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you opt for a tranquil food place where you can just enjoy the food sans the hustle and bustle or the normal crowd of malls.

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