A Day In Mornington Peninsula

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Wine – one could only understand what it could bring as you get old. The soothing feeling that it could do after being exhausted from the daily grind, or how it could gather up friends to an enjoyable catch up or having it while passing time with a loved one.

While in Melbourne and as I love having wine now, a tour to Mornington Peninsula located of south-east of the said city, sounds like a wonderful way to pass time on one weekend. There are many tour operators that one can book and that which would go to several wineries and vineyards. It is about 30-45 minutes away from Melbourne.

The tour that I took is a day trip which started early in the day and first stop being Chapman’s point for that breezy and wonderful vantage point.

Farther from this point, we took a stop and the tour bus driver offered us hot coffee and tea with biscuits. Continuing on with the tour, we made several stops to some of the famous wineries.

We got to try the famous wines, which was indeed a very pleasurable experience! 🙂

Some bites that you can buy in some of the wineries


Come lunch time, we went to Box Stallion which is actually a former stable!

Oh my, the food! It was something that I would not ever forget in my trips to Australia.

Beautiful, Expansive Vineyard

We carried on to some more wineries….

There are more to explore in Mornington Peninsula, for one, they also have several bed and breakfast places. The visit has been a pleasurable one, laid back and relaxing compared to touring the city itself. I would not mind going back again for a good glass. 🙂

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