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Man Ho Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong SkyCity Marriot Hotel

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As we landed night time in Hongkong, we decided to spend the night in Hongkong SkyCity Marriot Hotel which is more or less 10 minutes by shuttle bus from the airport. The hotel stands secluded from other establishments, well most of the buildings there are laid out with generous spaces between each other. Having been so famished and since there was not much options within the vicinity, we opted for the Chinese Restaurant in the hotel, the place is called Man Ho Chinese Restaurant. It looks like a sophisticated, conventional looking Chinese resto facing the South China Sea. For a traveller, I find the price expensive as it costs about 55 SGD per person which is actually a three course meal and the cheapest option that you can get rather than getting ala carte.

Braised Bird’s Nest Soup in Truffle
As with any Chinese resto, each dish comes in one by one. And so the soup. Although I am in love with anything truffle, I find this soup very bland. I think if they did not somehow infuse it with truffle, I wouldn’t have finished this at all.

Roasted Pork Belly
This pork belly paid the debt that the disappointing soup had made. It was very delectable with that melt in your mouth goodness that I so wanted in a roasted pork. I think this one indeed suited my palate. Equally pleasing was the tofu that was served side by side with the pork.

Beef with Mangoes
Another one that did not fail is this succulent, very tasty beef dish. The sauce was very nice and the mango combination gave it a very refreshing experience. It was cooked very nicely.

Chilled Mango Cream Pudding
I find the dessert very pleasant as well. It concluded the entire dining experience well.  I thought it would actually be bland too, given that most Chinese resto is not usually on the sweet side of things, I find this just suitable for me. The sweetness and creamy taste were served in a right way.

Overall, although I find the price a bit on the expensive end, I find that the dishes are of quality and the dining service good. It was also nice that most crew here speaks good English when I thought at first that I would be having problems placing my order. 🙂

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