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Taeiri Gorge Train

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Ever since I started travelling and gazing on to mountains and valleys and lakes abroad, I have then always dream of boarding on as many trains as possible – those that sneaks through mountains and gorges providing a spectacular, natural panorama of vast green lands, meadows and pristine lakes and waterfalls. And, every time I do, regardless if it is a short train ride I could say that my eyes are then feasting and my heart and mind filled with inches more of peace.

As I was in New Zealand to visit a friend and since this country is known for its mountains and lakes and all other natural, scenic vistas there could be, I took up this chance to try out one tourist attraction in Dunedin which is the Taieri Gorge train ride.

The trip would start at the majestic structure that is the Dunedin Railway Station

Here is our itinerary, which would go up to Middlemarch which is a classic country railway town.

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Excitement ran through me when the engines started its combustion to a slow pace at first then to a steady, running speed.


While still on the ground and as we were not yet up in the mountains, beautiful water ways and orange foliage…

Ascending… ascending…

The train stopped for a bit and passengers were able to disembark and take photos to our delight.

As the train ride continued, we were fascinated by how man made engineering has been incorporated to a natural wonder – imagine how they laid the steel railings, back in the day when modern machines were not yet fully conceived. What amazes me as well are some of the viaducts that we passed by.

A bit scary and fascinated at the same time, were the feeling I got when we passed by the viaduct above, haha!

Onboard, there is a cafe / snack shop so imagine us munching and drinking and chattering while feasting on the sceneries!

And, we approached our destination! We alighted and took some photos and there were sheep grazing through expansive green lands and the town is just a walk nearby.

I enjoyed this train ride, people can have a relaxing quality time with their friends, family or loved ones while seeing stunning views and sharing life stories and excitement about the trip. I would definitely recommend the trip for those who wanted to get acquainted with nature especially for people like me who live in a highly urbanized city, with buildings and malls everywhere.

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