Sofitel Manila

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Visited the city of Manila, back to its hustle and bustle and lively days.

When we arrived at the place, we noticed that they have no covered parking nor a basement one. But then we realized that yes it is because the place is near sea area so they wouldn’t have such a parking setup.

Entering the hotel, I find that it is very expansive, the lobby is decorated with very nice flowers in humungous vase centrally setup – one which is a good background for your “welcome to Sofitel” selfie.

As it was still early for us to check-in, we decided to get some drinks at one of the café lobby. My cousin loved the muffin, but the beverages are average. Ambience wise, it is a very cozy lounge where you can just work or have a peaceful business meeting call. It is overlooking the bay and pool area which I find as very beautiful backdrops.

Movie! while we waited for the room
View from the lobby cafe

Afterwhich, we roamed around outside at the bay and pool area. And I must say, I love the lounge area with couches and cushions and tables setup on greens. You can also order drinks and food while in there. The bay area is just so peaceful – well, water always calms my senses, it naturally gives me that peace regardless of the current state I am in.

Lagoon Pool

A very relaxing spot, my favorite of all
Someone’s getting married 🙂

The “cocoons” as I call them

The lagoon pool is also one that I liked. I didn’t expect their pool to be nice and I find that most people there, old or young, were enjoying it. That instant, I could not wait to dip in.

Off we went to the room when we were called in that it was ready. Luckily, we got the bay and pool facing room and the view was really astounding. As for the room, although it gives you that feeling that it has been existing for quite a while now, I find that it is well-maintained, although of course maybe soon they can give it a facelift.

We enjoyed our overnight stay, at night we sat by the bay, on those cushions and got ourselves some coffee, beers and snacks, did night swimming and chit chat. It was really a very relaxing stay. I also managed to work out in their gym. We will definitely be checking-in again in Sofitel.

“Sunset Bliss”
Spa, which also leads to the gym

Night Swimming

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