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I have been browsing my Picasa web albums and realized that I have quite few photos and topics that I haven’t made a blog post for. Seeeeshh, it backlogged now and I want to post all of it. Well, other then social media and blogging where else do I use my photos for, lol.

Back tracking to 2014, Edinburgh was also a pit stop during the UK trip. We were so famished when we landed via train and it was nearing late night. We spotted a kebab place near the Ibis hotel that we stayed in.

I WOULD NOT recommend going to this place. The staff were unwelcoming as if they never wanted to serve us food. We kept on telling them our orders and they would irritably wanted us to repeat what we said and they did not even try to carefully hear what we were saying and they would cut you off with what they wanted to say. It was stressful ordering with them.

We stayed at Ibis Edinburgh South Bridge which is just off Royal Mile. It forms the streets which is a through route to the Old Town of the city of Edinburgh. I could say that the location is pretty good and accessible.

The most famous local delicacy which I find exotic is Haggis. This is comprised of sheep’s innards which could be sautéed in onions, stock, spices and I don’t what else there is. lol. Anyway, since this is something similar to a dish back home called Sisig or Bopis, I do find it pretty nice, tasty that is. lol. Haggis is the one on the lower left below. But unlike home, they even serve this as a breakfast dish, which was quite surprising for me. Innards for breakfast anyone? I do also find that most bars and shops incorporate haggis in their dishes.

Breakfast with Haggis!

If there is one thing that I could succinctly describe Edinburgh’s architecture it would be Medieval. Having laid my eyes on it the first time, I felt like I was transported in some sort of a Medieval movie setting, add to that the overcast weather that hovered over during the entire trip. But, I am fascinated with victorian and historical architectures, and in the case of Scotland, it is specifically called the Baronial style.

One stop that I enjoyed is the Edinburgh Castle Hill. The views on the way was already astounding for me – cobblestone roads and streets, shop houses and fancy looking restaurants as well as medieval role playing characters on the streets!

Here are some of the photos that I took inside the Castle….

I also enjoyed walking around the shops and I find that their main product is the Lambswool and Cashmere scarves mostly in checkered prints.

Going back down…

I am fascinated by how locals live their lives here as I find that compared to other cities, there is really little things to do. Well, as a tourist, I was excited and all but if I come to think about the lives here, I tend to wonder. I think though, they may live simplier here compared to other people in a more urbanized city. But, they’ve got a number of pubs eh! =)) Talk about drinking and chattering with people rather than relying more on technology.

We tried this pub called The Royal Mile Tavern which is a traditional pub house that exudes a distinct charm. Their food was equally nice as well.

Talking about our gastronomic adventure in Edinburgh, one place that I absolutely enjoyed was the Viva Mexico Restaurant, a mex cantina with a festive, cheery and at the same time relaxing ambience that offers sublime mexican food. I love all of the food. Well, I am a big fan of this cuisine so it was really a satisfying one for me. Pardon my indistinct, hazy and disoriented shots, I was hurrying up to capture them so I can soon devour my food. lol.

One stop that some of our friends wanted to go was The Elephant Cafe where they said the idea of Harry Potter was conceived. A tiny, unassuming cafe it is but imagine that JK Rowling had her coffee there where her wide imagination started, resulting to a world wide successful book that is Harry Potter.

More food stops coming up…. =D

I chanced upon a patisserie which seems to sell fancy cakes and as it appealed to me, I did not hesitate to go inside and give it a try. Patisserie Valerie sells handmade cakes which has been in existence since 1920s.

Since we were lunching at a pizza parlor beside this place, I decided to just take one item and try as we got a bounty of orders to finish. I got the Mille-Feuille made with puff pastry, Saint honore cream and icing. I like that it was not too sweet and that it was very light. I am not really a fan of dense cakes, those heavy ones with layers of creams and icings.

Speaking of the pizza parlor, we went to Pizza Express which I find pretty popular there as there seems to be a number of branches in Edinburgh. I am an avid fan of non thick crust pizza, thin or even the skinny thin ones, cracker-like I would say. So I find that this one suited my palate and I quite enjoyed our orders.

Edinburgh for me is just right for a 1 to 2 days trip. I find that one can enjoy all the tourist places within 48 hours so it is advisable to make it a pitstop to your ultimate one. It is good to visit it once – although I enjoyed it, I think I will only visit it for one time. Oh, I forgot to mention that I find books here very cheap. 🙂

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