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Garosu-gil, Rodeo Drive and Gangnam

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One of the avenues, if it’s the right word to call it, that I fancy the most out of all the streets that I’ve walked on in the city of Seoul, it would have to be Garuso-gil. The idea of the street being tree lined is so fascinating for me and it did not disappoint when I went to be there in person.


Hours of walking out and about, we decided to hit Gangnam, a place famous not just for the phenomenal song but also for … plastic surgery! And yes, there are gigantic buildings, some are plastic surgery clinics that are just normally sitting (in a Korean sense) along the strip.

DSCF0782 But in addition to that, this street is quite posh, where it’s actually the first time I see big shops of this designer brands, when I say it’s big, it’s really spacious and most have multiple storeys. And they are side by side each other.  DSCF0767

DSCF0766 DSCF0765

DSCF0761 There are just so many luxury brands that make up the street of Gangnam.

Garosu-gil is just within few blocks and we didn’t have difficulty finding it. It was just a short strip comprised of nice shops and cafes and I find it less crowded and neatier than other districts. People seem to just be idly walking and the place is downright relaxing. To think it was actually raining the day we visited. DSCF0760

DSCF0758 DSCF0757

We also found this burger nook across 8 seconds store and I must say, the burger’s really a must try. The patty’s juicy and tasty and the cheese that they put really made the burger even more palatable. The place is called Alley Burger. Very fitting.

DSCF0753 8 seconds also has a coffee shop nearby and it is a really beautifully decorated cafe. DSCF0747

Another district that I fancy is the Rodeo street in Apgujeong. It is even smaller than Garosu-gil, likewise, it is also comprised of shops and cafes and restos. Koreans really have a lot of places to hangout in!

DSCF0784 DSCF0786

DSCF0792 DSCF0794

DSCF0795 DSCF0796

DSCF0797 DSCF0798

If I am to go back to Seoul, these will for sure be my go to spots again to just walk non chalantly, find a cafe to sit in and people watch. Oh, how I wish every days could just be like that! =))

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