Seoul Strolling: Itaewon, Insadong, Ehwa University

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I wanted to have one blog post for the entire trip in Korea, but I dont want to bore the hell out of you =)) So I’d just section them out. There’s heaps of streets and avenues that you can visit in Seoul, but of course there are those inevitable lists in most people’s suggested itineraries. Among these being Itaewon, Insadong and Ehwa University. I find that they somehow look the same, selling korean fashion clothing, cosmetics, cafes and Korean restaurants, not that it wasn’t pleasing at all, as I truly enjoyed all the walks and strolls that we did. ūüôā

Insadong is crowd packed when we went. The street was just plain busy where everyone is walking, taking selfies, checking out the sidewalk stalls or like us, exploring and looking around for cool discoveries, cheap thrills or bargains. We stepped foot in Insadong, not directly at the street where most people flock in but we passed by narrow alleys with heaps of traditional Korean restos, it was like a maze!





In Insadong, we also passed by Sszamsigil, a youthful shopping enclave which looks industrial and the colors that paint the place are the stuffs being sold and the artsy stickers on the walls.




Youngsters flock and congregate on this place. You would see them chilling out on the steps, young couples being cute together, boy band like type of groups. =)) The place looks quite cool, selling mementos, tiny items, souvenirs, anything cute basically. But of course, I still find them pricey. Like $35.00 for a baseball cap, the quality of which you can find in Bugis street market of Singapore or Mongkok in Hongkong.




Back outside, at the main street of Insandong…







Coffeeholics that we are, we foraged Insadong to find where we can sit down and to have nice coffee at, as it was a seemingly nice and bright afternoon to just chill out. At one of the alleys, we find this establishment, I think about 3 floors of a cafe. Oh, we also wanted to finally try the Bingsu here, since we had the first taste of it in Singapore.



I wanted to get the chocolate bingsu which we saw on the poster outside but they said it wasn’t available that time so we resorted to the red bean one.


It was quite alright, not the type that I was expecting. The service crew wasn’t very pleasant too, they were not smiling and they do not seem accomodating. There’s quite a number of cafes to choose from in Insadong…




Itaewon looks similar, reason why I put them together in this post, is that they are like sisters, they do look the same. =))





Before going to Ehwa University, we went to Cheonggyecheon Stream. Though I believe this looks nicer in autumn or winter, we thought it might be nice to take pictures there.




It doesn’t have that much of an appeal at this time around compared to other seasons but I was amazed by how people actually visit this place and sit down, some even lay out picnic mats and kids are playing in the stream.



Continuing our walk to Ehwa…



The vicinity of Ehwa University is actually such a shopper’s delight, there are also heaps of clothing and cosmetic stores and street food stalls aplenty. The strip is nice and laid back. I was impressed by how big the space is, right around the university itself.










From among these three places in this post, Ehwa is the one that I fancy the most..













Seriously, I have never seen a place as Seoul that has so many stores closely situated from each other, long strip having just clothing and cosmetic shops!










I think a tourist can just come in Seoul without packing on anything since there’s a lot of stores to shop items at!

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Chicken Up

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Korean chicken has been a craze recently because of the marinade and crispiness of it. Think of soy chicken, oh yumm, I find it really nice as I love anything with soya sauce, lol. Not the usual Four Fingers this time, but we went on to try Chicken Up in Tampines mall. The place is a bit dimly lit which would give you that night out/bar drinking but laid back ambience. Well, they serve beers (mmmm I love Hite) to pair up with their chicken.

As this was a post dinner dessert, we did not order their chicken but which I will definitely come back for next time. If you are following my blog, I recently have this bingsu addiction so I wanted to try theirs. We ordered the Watermelon and Oreo Cup Bingsu.

Both were delectable but I find that the Watermelon Bingsu as the better one of the two, it was more refreshing and something that you can finish up. The Oreo Cup Bingsu was good but once I was in the middle of my¬†dessert affair, I find that I could not really finish it anymore as it was heavy, very filling indeed. Of course, think of the milk infused snowy ice plus the oreo bits and the ice cream. But then, a chocoholic will definitely love this one. As a nibble, we got the Bulgogi¬†Fries. I am such a huge fun of flavoured fries or fries with toppings that I can’t really eat much of the normal french fries anymore. I must say that I got in love with this¬†one¬†– the sauce, the¬†tender and tasty¬†beef strips plus the onions, sesame and spring onions were harmoniously infused to yield that unique french fries experience. I was impressed. However, price wise, this shop is a bit on the high side. All these three would already amount to SGD 50+. Well, I guess Bingsus in SG are really not that cheap. Still, I might come back to try their other food.

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Nunsongyee Korean Bingsu

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For some reason, I was craving for a shaven ice dessert. Whatever it could be as long as there was shaven ice. Hence, the foodie in me decided to research for one and I was mostly hitting this Korean dessert called Bingsu that is making waves now in the Singapore food scene. One of the best that always comes up is Nunsongyee and so I wasted no time. lol.

The dessert cafe

The location is very inaccessible, tucked hidden in Burghley Drive. One has to take either a cab or a car to be able to get there. Although, on my recent trip to Bugis, I saw that they are putting up one there, whew! The place itself is very spacious but the music is blaring with korean songs that you cannot hear people’s chatters.

I ordered their Black Sesame Bingsu which is part of their Premium ones. I was surprised to see it priced at 18.90 but I thought, I had to give it a try.

The best part of this dessert? The ice! It was really snowy! That type that you would see and feel with a real snow. It’s not those typical ones that you see in Singapore’s Kachang or Philippines’ Halo Halo, but it was really the fine type! Fine and milky I must say. The taste was superb, it was refreshing and mouth watering. Not to mention, the serving was really generous too. I think, it would be most perfect for two.

Cinnamon Toast

I was a bit famished, so I decided to order a toast, which was Cinnamon. The price is 9.90 and it was the most expensive normal looking and normal tasting toast that I have tried in my entire existence. There was nothing really to brag about it, it was plain and sweet.

Cappuccino is priced at 5.90. The brew was average, nothing more to it. So, would I suggest going here? I can say yes, but personally I will go on rare occasions. And if I do, I would definitely just order their Bingsu and nothing else.

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