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The Girls by Lisa Jewell

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My very first book review! And yes, this section in my blog has just been created days ago. Because, why not? Recently getting hooked on thrillers and mystery novels, well I must say books such as this are already piling up in my cabinet.

Like most book reviews’ preambles, I would opt out of giving you a summary of this, because, hey! you can just google it out and most reviews would tell you that. Let me then attempt on going straight to the review and give my personal opinion.

I was encapsulated, completly engrossed on this book for days as the author had given something to look forward to in the middle of the story since the first few parts are a beautiful narration and walkthrough of this communal garden and the people that live around it, and their stories that is. It builds up, making you ask more and more, the typical “who did it”.

I was just not impressed of the way it depicted the characters for example Pip, which to me, is wayyyyy intelligent and smart for her age. I guess most kids’ here are portrayed as way to matured and reckless especially in terms of their actions and thoughts.

Eventually, I found the ending is anti-climatic, I was left with “that’s it?”. To be honest up until this point, I couldn’t figure out who really was the culprit as it gotten messy for me in the end. Or was I just to slow in fathoming who this person is? =)) It was also disappointing, that even though there’s this vague declaration of the culprit, they just moved on as if nothing happened and no sanctions whatsoever was given to the antagonist.

Do shout out… who do you think the culprit may be. đŸ™‚

Bookie Scale: 3/5

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