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Lonely Girl by Josephine Cox

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It just dawned on me that the first three book reviews in my blog so far, has a “girl” in the title.  Is it recently becoming a fad, especially in the mystery and thrillers section? =))

Anyways, this book was a quick read for me. Just couple of days and I managed to finish it. It was an easy read though there are some parts of it that are quite repetitive. I don’t know if it is some style of writing to give out further emphasis. lol.

It is a sad story I may say. I am always weak when it comes to family especially parents. So it was kind of devastating for me during that storyline on John Tanner’s incident especially with how he came to meet death. For a man so depicted as an amazing father to Rosie, it was just downright depressing.

Molly Tanner’s character was really too much I guess. If she wasn’t really that happy with the relationship she should have just moved on, but yes, I guess there really exists in this world people that are just suckers for material things and will do anything to hold on to that security, regardless of the situation. The ending also gave away the character of a person she really is. I mean, tragedy happened, she did the vilest of things and yet she just wanted to hop on to another man she can possibly control and amass wealth from. The part on the truth about Molly and Rosie was 50-50 suprising and anticipated I guess? Since there’s not even a single bone in her body that has an affection towards Rosie.

Harry’s love for Rosie is quite timeless if I may say. Maybe those very rare kind of love nowadays where he has been loving Rosie since she was 15 til they married and have their happy ending. Good thing though, the sad life that Rosie had was turned upside down in the end by him and it also is a blessing for Rosie that she has Harry’s parents who was there to the rescue since the night of the incident.

Overall an easy read personally, I can check what else Josephine Cox has contributed to the book shelves.

Bookie Scale: 3.5/5

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